Ways to Get Healthy

In the hectic world we live in, the idea of healthy living seems to have gone out the window for many. The old saying is your health is your wealth and so it pays to lead a healthy lifestyle. Here we look at the positives and negatives and how you can really excel.

Being health does not include:
High sugar intake – cakes, trifles etc
Alcohol – in large amounts
Fatty foods

It does include:
A balanced diet with plenty of vegetables
Regular workouts
Cutting down on treat food – cakes, high calorie food

These are the areas one can address to lead a healthier, happier life. Some people eat healthy then have the occasional naughty food a couple of times a week, which basically can destroy any, gains you have made.I have a high protein diet; it’s a little unusual but works a treat. I don’t eat veg so I take a supplement each day (pill) to compensate. My diet consists of lean ham, chicken, rice sometimes for my main meal, for breakfast I have yogurt and grapes mixed in.

After I have finished breakfast, I take a Green Tea Tablet., why do I take this you may ask, well the reason is it literally eats fat. So an example, 3 weeks ago I was 17 stones then I started taking a green tea tablet each day. By week 2 I was down to 15 stone 8lbs! it really does work. To compliment this diet I exercise each morning for 20 mins and that’s it. Try it, it can work for you.

Regular exercise is important

Going for a walk each day, jogging or whatever gets the body moving is just as important as a healthy diet and thus highly recommended.