Milk Thistle and Its Potential Benefits

Milk thistle is basically a plant that comes from the same group of daisy. Like some people assume, it isn’t a treatment for cancer.

The seeds and fruit of milk thistle plants have been used for many years as a kind of herbal remedy for liver problems. It’s also referred to as holy thistle, Mariendistel, Chardon-Marie, Our Lady’s thistle, and so much more.

Silymarin is the medicinal compound you will find in milk thistle. Basically, it’s the extract of the seeds of milk thistle. It’s the antioxidant that protects against any cell damage. Silymarin contains four compounds, which include silydianin, silychristin, silybin, and isosilybin. Majority of research have started silymarin or silybin rather than the plants as a whole.

Various parts of milk thistle plants can be used for treating different health conditions. More often than not, milk thistle is used for liver problems. Others claimed that it can also help treat gallbladder disorders, jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Other Potential Benefits of Milk Thistle for Your Health

  • Promotes Skin Health

Based on a study, milk thistle can help promote healthy skin as it improves the inflammatory skin conditions once applied to the skin. It was also found to have anti-ageing effects on skin cells and have antioxidants.

  • Supports Liver Health

Milk thistle can treat liver problems. Its active ingredient, which is called silymarin, serves as an antioxidant through reducing the production of free radicals. Scientists also think it makes a detoxifying effect. That is the reason why milk thistle can be advantageous for liver concerns. However, until more research is done, milk thistle isn’t recommended as a primary option for treating liver problems.

  • Supports Weight Loss

It was found that silymarin can promote weight loss. In animal research, it suggests that milk thistle can be beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

  • Reduces Cholesterol

You have to take note that high cholesterol can result in problems with heart health and may boost one’s chance to stroke. In a study, milk thistle plays an essential role to keep the levels of cholesterol down. It was found that levels of cholesterol were low in those who take milk thistle for treating diabetes than the ones taking a placebo.

  • Reduces Insulin Resistance

For those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, milk thistle extract can reduce insulin resistance. Even if this research suggests that milk thistle can play an important role in diabetes management, more research is required to confirm whether milk thistle supports diabetes management and reduces insulin resistance.

  • Supports One’s Bone Health

In a certain study, it was found that milk thistle can help prevent bone loss. However, further studies are required.

The Takeaway

Even if milk thistle has several potential health benefits, you must take note that you should still consult your doctor before you consider this for your treatment. The reason behind it is that most research is based on animal studies and tests. But, if you have tried milk thistle and you did not experience any problems taking it, you must still discuss this with your doctor.