Discover the Truth behind the Common Homeopathy Myths

Homeopathy is considered as the world’s second most popular medicine. But, despite this, many people are still not that familiar with homeopathy. Today, you will learn the truth behind some common misconceptions and myths associated with homeopathic medicine.

Myth #1: Homeopathic Medicines are Just Sugar Pills with No Measurable Substance

Some homeopathic medicines don’t have measurable substance. But, most remedies actually have measurable substances. Medicines that are 12C or 24X don’t have measurable substance. But, some medicine potency like 12X, 6C, or 6X will have measurable substance.

Myth #2: Homeopathy Should Never Be Used as Treatment for Grave Diseases

Homeopathy can serve as a treatment for life threatening diseases through the guidance and assistance of a well-trained homeopathic physician. The general medical doctor as well as other specialists that take part in the treatment of the disease must be included on the overall treatment plan. It is important to consult a medical doctor if you are suffering from a life threatening disease. Remember that homeopathy cannot cure all forms of life threatening diseases.

Most people who have life threatening diseases are doing well with homeopathy. Homeopathy trials for malaria have revealed that homeopathic medicine has worked like conventional medicine in the treatment of malaria patients.

Myth #3: Homeopathy Hasn’t Been Successful in Well-Designed and Large Scale Trials

Homeopathy trials are a very mixed bag. There are times when people look at wrong source of information. Most skeptics see successful trials only to point out that if you will look at the study’s larger trials, homeopathy doesn’t seem to work at all. But, the conclusions of authors were that homeopathy can seem to work better compared to placebo.

But, there were some fairly large successful trials. Oscillococcinum trials were well designed and quite large but still provided positive results in reducing the duration of flue. The same studies with Osccilloccinum were also replicated. The idea of homeopathic remedies not being successful in well designed and large scale trials is far from the truth.  

Myth #4: Modern Medicine and Homeopathy Can Never Work Together

Homeopathy can actually complement modern medicine. A lot of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy have noticed a reduction in the side effects of the procedure when they take homeopathic remedies. Trials with the reduction of treatments for cancer also gave encouraging results.

Myth #5: Homeopathy Works Slowly

Acute conditions like colds, flu, pain, and motion sickness can be cured quickly with the use of homeopathic medicine. Chronic conditions are a bit slow to cure since they treating them is complicated. Chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, acne, and other similar conditions will require longer treatment.

Myth #6: Homeopathy, Ayurvedic, and Herbal Medicine are All the Same

Ayurvedic, herbal, and homeopathy are types of alternative medicine. However, these medicinal forms are not the same in other ways. Homeopathy uses diluted substances for treating patients. Medicines are all diluted in alcohol or water.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, is medicine based on using plants. Meanwhile, ayurvedic is an ancient medicinal system that began in India. This functions with the theory that all materials of animal, mineral, and vegetable origin have some medicinal values.

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