Goji Berry – Important Facts You Should Know

There are people who claim that if the fountain of youth does exist, it would be none other than goji berry. But, are these claims true?

What is Goji Berry?

Also known as wolfberry, goji berry is a type of berry with bright orange-red colour that comes from the shrub native to the country of China. For many centuries, goji berries have been consumed in Asia in the hopes of having a longer life.

After some time, people also started to use goji berries for treating some common health concerns such as high blood pressure, diabetes, age-related eye issues, and fever. You can eat goji berries raw, dried like raisins, or cooked and you can also use them in juices, wines, herbal teas, and medicines.

Benefits of Goji Berries

Different nutrients are believed to be found in goji berries. Several studies that used goji berry juice discovered its potential benefits including better sleep quality, weight loss, improved athletic performance, and an overall sense of calmness and wellbeing.

However, those were only preliminary studies that should be repeated prior to drawing conclusions. Most types of berries are great for your body. But, it is unclear whether goji berries are much better than other kinds of berries or if supplements containing goji berries will have similar health benefits as actual berries.

How Do Goji Berries Taste Like?

These berries are known for their naturally sweet yet somewhat tart taste that resembles that of cranberries. There are also some people who notice a bit of herb-like aftertaste that makes them really great for savoury recipes since they also have a touch of sweetness. The appearance of goji berries is the same with raisins since these are normally dried although their colour is of brighter pink and they have a special tart or sweet bite to them.

Are There Side Effects to Using Goji Berries?

Goji berries may interact with certain drugs. In case you are taking any blood thinner medication, it is best to avoid eating goji berries. There is also a tendency for goji berries to interact with drugs for blood pressure and diabetes so make sure that you always discuss using it with your physician. Otherwise, it is probably safe to consume goji berries moderately. Before you take any diet supplements, again, always inform your doctor about it.

How to Use and Where to Buy Goji Berries

Goji berries are considered as both a herb and a fruit and you can find them in health food shops. These are also being sold in bulk in gourmet markets in Asia and Europe. For you to get the highest and freshest quality berries, always search for them in dried packages or those sold by weight in speciality bulk food shops wherein you can get them at more affordable prices. Most high quality and packaged superfood dried mixes or trail mix also contain goji berries so check the ingredient labels for them.

The expensive price of goji berry is one of the reasons why people think twice about buying them. However, remember that similar to other superfoods, their price will depend on whether they are pure, naturally sourced, or organic.